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Advantages of Medical Post Graduation in Germany

learn the advantages of medical post graduation in Germany here

Germany is well known for its world renowned universities, excellent infrastructure and world class healthcare. As a post graduate resident you will be exposed to equipments and strategies even before they appear in your home countries. The main advantages of medical post-graduation in Germany are;

Germany have numerous vacancies in almost all the branches.

Instead you will get a monthly salary of 4300-5500 Euro per month (Pre Tax, Source TV-Ärzte/VKA 2016b)

Comfortable working hours of 40 Hrs/week, Leave on weekends and public holidays and an yearly leave of 28-32 days. (variable according to states.)

After getting a Blue Card, which is the visa for highly qualified professionals, you can bring your spouse and children to Germany. They ought to have no prior German knowledge! After 21 months of blue card you are eligible to apply for a residence permit.

Your chance to take part in international conferences and interact with world class Professors.

  • A good proficiency in German language (B2 General & C1 Medizin according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), which is a priority for your interaction with colleagues and patients, documentation, preparing patient histories, discharge summaries etc. Choosing the right course for this is obviously the key. Language level will be tested by FSP (Fachsprachprüfung) by Landesärztekammer
  • An Integration Course to get familiar with the German system

  • Observership in a reputed institute. It is not a necessity but will definitely boost your chances.

  • Translation of your documents (Translation from foreign countries are no longer accepted)

  • Getting a Berufserlaubnis (temporary licence to practice)

  • Applying for Approbation (permanent licence)
    Kenntnisprüfung (Knowledge Exam) if necessary.

  • Applying to hospitals and preparing for Interviews.

  • Verification of the job contract

  • Getting registered with the medical council

  • Getting familiar with the regulations of postgraduate studies.

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Medical Pathway


Germany has infinite Opportunities

As of April 2012, if you have completed your medical training in a foreign country, you are eligible to receive a medical license in Germany and you can continue to pursue your post graduation, regardless of whether you are from an EU or a non-EU (third) country.

It is estimated that by the year there will be vacancies of 1,52000 positions in the health sector!


Source: Bundesärztekammer, Deutchland

How did they do it? Hear real Stories.

Dr Sreenath Narayan and Pravallika Jallipalli discuss the opportunities and advantages of medical post-graduation in Germany.

Post-graduate Course:How does it work?

The corresponding Landesärztekammer (Medical Council) regulate the Post-graduate studies in the state. As you start your job as an “Arzt in Weiterbildung” you will register with the corresponding Landesärztekammer. You will be provided with a detailed course plan, which you have to fulfil before applying for Facharztprüfung (Final exam ) in the corresponding subject. You need not complete this in one hospital or there is no time limit to achieve this. However, minimum months of study is stipulated. It ranges from 5-7 years depending on the speciality. After completion of a speciality, you can do Schwerpunktbezeichnungen oder Zusatzbezeichnungen too, which is comparable to Fellowships.

Course Plan: Cardiology


As an example, we are providing here the course plan of Cardiology. Total duration 72 months of which, 36 months in Internal Medicine and 36 months in Cardiology, of which 6 months in Intensive Station and 18 months in OP Department. You will be provided with a Log Book which clearly mentions the number of procedures you have to do. You should achieve a minimum number of credits in each year. There will be additional courses and seminars by which you can achieve these credits. After you have completed all these, you can apply for the final exam which is conducted by the Medical Council. This will provide you with a Facharzt (Specialist) degree. eg. Facharzt innere Medizin und Kardiologie. (Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology)

Additional Information: Duties & Salary

During your post-graduate studies, you are obliged to take Bereitschaftsdienst (Duties) for which you will be paid extra. After a night duty, you are legally obliged to take next day free. From your Pre-tax salary, the following will be deducted- Health and Nursing Insurance, Pension, Unemployment Insurance and Tax. The salary during your post-graduation will mostly according to TV-Ärzte and Pre-Tax salary is around 4300-5500 Euros in the beginning. Depending on your service there will be annual increments. The salary given above is of single person without any kids. Those who are married and having children fall on another tax class and their salary will be higher

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